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Cameroun - Votre voyage devient une belle aventure

Discovery safari

National Parks

Cameroon contains various national parks spread throughout the country.

The Waza National Park covers an area of 170,000 hectares and includes lions, giraffes, elephants, cobs, ostriches, sassabies (antelopes), leopards, waterbuck, etc. It is the most famous park in Cameroon and one of the most spectacular in French-speaking Africa. Located in the Far North Region, 120km from Maroua, it is a haven for the big cats and other animal species as well for many varieties of birds. This park is an absolute must to discover.

The Bouba Ndjida National Park extends over 220,000 hectares. Rhinos, lions, Lord Derby Eland (antelopes), elephants, etc., are all to be found here. It is situated in the North Region, 270km from Garoua and is considered THE area for rhinos.

The Bénoué National Park with a surface area of 180,000 hectares contains a large number of hippos, Lord Derby Eland (antelopes), hyenas, panthers, etc. Situated in the centre of the North Region, 170km from Garous, it is the favourite place for the largest antelopes such as the Lord Derby Eland.

The Faro National Park, 225km from Garoua, extending over 330,000 hectares, is a park where rhinos, buffalo, elephants, giraffes, etc., may easily be spotted.

The Kalamaloué National Park, with its 45,000 hectares on the Mokolo road in the Far North, is above all, a special place for botany enthusiasts.

The Mozoko Gokoro National Park, covering 1,400 hectares, is exceptional by way of its wealth of plant and animal species. It is situated in the Mayo Tsanaga Département, in the Far North Region.

The Korup National Park is located in the South-West Region, and is a forest reserve known throughout the world covering an area of 125,600 hectares. It is considered as one of the oldest and most beautiful tropical forests in the world. Its wealth of flora and fauna derive from the fact that Korup survived the ice age and is now a true ecological treasure.

The Lobéké National Park extending over 4,300 hectares is a forest and animal reserve, as well as being a gorilla sanctuary, in the east of the country.

The Campo Ma'an National Park in the south of the country boasts a rich variety of animal species, being inhabited by elephants and chimpanzees which take advantage of the luxuriant forest.

Nature Reserves

Apart from the National Parks, Cameroon offers many reserves devoted to flora and fauna. Pangar-Djerem, Dja, Kribi, Mbi Crater, Douala, Edéa, Kalfou, Lac Ossa, Santchou, Bafia… to name but a few.

The Dja reserve is a sanctuary for gorillas and chimpanzees and various other animal and plant species may be observed here.

Other sites

Generally speaking, possibilities for exploration and discovery are available just about everywhere in the country, including in close proximity to towns.

The beautiful landscapes of the West and North Regions are particularly suitable for picnics.